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Monday, December 5, 2016

Mission Tour & little sheep!

First off, a shout out to Elder Keaton LaMont, Happy Birthday Bro!! We're 20!

So this past week has been quite eventful. To start off, Elder Mosweswe and I have been working hard and seeing many people. Sadly, due to the holidays, many people are leaving so from about now to January this place is going to be dry... and wet. Dry in people and wet because the rain is supposed to be coming.

As many of you know, I'm no longer a teenager. In all honesty this was the most boring birthday I've ever had, not the worst but just boring. Plus, I don't even feel older. I still feel like I'm 18 and just graduated high school... I've decided, and I declare to the world, that I'm forever 5 years old. There, it's settled.

Anyways so the events of this week.

On Friday we had Mission Tour. Mission Tour, if you'll remember, is where a General Authority generally (pun intended) comes and has a conference with the missionaries. This year we had Elder Ellis come. It was an amazing moment really! He had such wonderful messages and by the end of it all, four hours had passed and it was like I had just blinked. 

Then on Saturday we had a Christmas party. At this party we had a bit of disorganization and guess who became the three wise men? That's right, three missionaries. So with short notice we had to select gifts for the baby Jesus. I took my scriptures, figuring that they looked like a box, Elder Desouza took flowers and Elder Mosweswe took a rugby ball...he thought the Christ Child could play with a toy. Over all, it was interesting. We had a few investigators come as well so that was good!

Ah and now for the end of the story of this week. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Namibia hates missionaries. So we've been having car troubles here, for everyone. We've had a car die and one go far away, so currently there is supposed to be 2 cars in Windhoek and 8 elders... but, there's 8 elders and 1 car now. So here's how the story goes. Elder Reynolds, our district leader and fleet manager for Namibia, has been having problems with his car because the alternator died. Well now we've lost my car. That's right, I'm back to walking, and it's the hottest part of the year. I'm going to be drenched most of the time, from my own sweat (gross but true) or from the rain.

So this is what happened. I was driving when the car started making a funny noise and the oil light came on and the temperature started to spike. I pulled off and discovered that the cap to our water reservoir was missing (probably blew off while driving because the pressure and heat became too much) So after some time, a lot of water, and pushing the car down a hill, it blew up. Just kidding, we got it back on the road. Well some time goes on and the oil light comes back on. I decided to call in Elder Reynolds. After a brief check up, the doctor (Elder Reynolds) discovered that the car had blown it's head gasket.

So now we have 1 car. We ended up taking the alternator out of my car ( with permission from our fleet manager, Elder Hawkins) , which is brand new, and putting it in Elder Reynolds car. So I guess we can be positive and say we have a functioning car...

But please remember D&C 58:4 where it says "For after much tribulation come the blessings."

All is well and the work will go on! 

Have a wonderful week!!

- Elder Burgess

Sorry the picture is fuzzy but this is all of us with Elder Ellis. Our photographer also timed it perfectly...

Here are our sheep at the Christmas party.

This was my birthday dinner party.

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