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Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference weekend!

Hello Everyone!!

I hope you had a great week. My week was pretty good. The week wasn't the best at first. I was pretty sick for most of the week. I had gone to the doctor just after emailing you all and turned out I had an infection in my airway. But don't worry! All is well; I'm doing great now.

So this past week was nice because we have 3 new investigators, 2 of which are related to members. The one is a 12 year old named Brandon. He's part of the Brinkmann family. It's wonderful because his family is full on board with him being taught, in fact, his mom is going to be teaching him with us. It's great because we'll be able to teach the family over again. 

On Saturday we went hiking, again. This time with the YSA. It was fun. What made it more fun was when a couple other elders and I went back on a beaten path! We found some beautiful scenes and a little friend that could've been a problem, but thankfully wasn't. I'll attach a photo, but it was a golden orb spider. It was huge and it's web was so big, and it was gold!!

Also, as many of you know, General Conference was this last weekend. I loved Conference! I had a great opportunity to see two sessions live and the others recorded. I have not, however, seen the Sunday afternoon session. But I know that Elder Palmer was one of the speakers. He told us that he was speaking. I'm also fortunate because he's coming at the end of the month for a Mission Tour. I can't wait!!

Well this last week was alright and I hope that the next one is better!

Love ya all,
- Elder Burgess

Elder Ndlovu and I at the top of the mountain.

Our little friend, the Golden Orb spider.

Ready for General Conference Sunday!

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