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Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy Mother's Day 🌷

Hiya peoples!!

Sorry about last week. Since it had been Mother's Day most of the elders didn't really email for long. But I'm here now.

I have great news.... I have a car!! That's right, everything has been sorted and the car keys are in my hands. I have to admit, driving was weird where I hadn't driven in such a while... I can imagine it must be awkward for those that walk their whole mission and then go home and drive... Anyways, it's a huge blessing for sure. It's a shame that I'll be leaving Namibia this next transfer. I don't know where I'm going but they've said 5 are leaving Namibia and my group (consisting of a remaining 5) that came to Namibia, have been here the longest.

The past couple weeks were alright. Ups and downs. We had a wonderful investigator but she's moving far away. We had to bid her farewell but not without sending her with a full supply of church material of course. 

We had a great moment with a member's father on Wednesday. He invited us over because he was visiting his daughters: Sisters Sarti and Toini. He speaks no English but Toini helped translate. He wanted to meet with us because he sees what the church has done for his daughters and family. He was really appreciative and very kind. We were able to share a little with him and he expressed more thanks. It was something else and very nice.

Our meeting with Nanal this week went very well! She loved church and we were able to answer some more questions she had. She's being very open and it's great!

On Sunday, we became famous. Everyone started taking photos and they kept asking us to take photos with them. It was a fun experience.

Well I'm doing wonderfully. I'm enjoying the blessings of the Lord and life is treating me well. 

I hope you all have a great week!

- Elder Burgess

The three drivers in front of their new rides.

I was really happy to see the cars!

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