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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Transfer news!

Hello Everyone! 

This past week was fantastic!! I apologize for not writing yesterday, but there's a good reason, which you'll read if you continue.

So essentially the week was alright. We were able to find a couple new investigators as we visited our investigator, Vevangapi. Her sister and her cousin were pretty interested and they've agreed to see us again. Their names are, Ukapita and Ndjivatera. Ukapita sadly isn't the greatest with English, but she's the most interested in our message.

So the this whole week was leading up to the weekend. On Friday, David was interviewed and he passed!!

Saturday rolled around and David was baptized! It was so great to see that guy in the waters of baptism! He was so excited too!! Then a little after the baptism (okay like five minutes), I had an interview with President Chadambuka. So on Saturday the excitement was David's baptism and transfer news. Saturday evening we went to the Povanhu's, some of the greatest members in the Wanaheda Branch, and enjoyed a lovely meal. We then went home and waited for transfer news. 

So here goes...*drum roll*..... I'm..... staying. Right before the news came I felt that I was staying in Wanaheda with Elder Ndlovu and I was right. Elder Ndlovu is finishing his mission and I'm most likely leaving Namibia at the end of this transfer, so it made sense. All is swell. I love the people here and leaving is going to be hard...

Sunday then came and we had the privilege of having Elder S. Mark Palmer of the Seventy join us for church. The whole day was peaceful and wonderful. But it did not compare to Monday. Monday we had our Mission Tour with Elder Palmer. We got there a quarter to 8 and studied some before it started. It was truly fantastic! The whole experience was absolutely amazing!!! Elder Palmer and President Chadambuka truly are called of God and they, and their wives, can invite the Holy Spirit in a magnificent way. Mission Tour was indescribable. 

Well I've had a great week and this next one, that we've already started, is the beginning to a new transfer. I'm excited and I hope the week goes well for you as well!

- Elder Burgess

Elder S. Mark Palmer of the Seventy and his wife.

David's Baptism day.

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