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Monday, May 29, 2017

Namibia is truly wonderful!

Hello people!! 

I hope all is well. This week will be a little short, sorry. We have a District activity so yeah... 

This past week was good. We have a few new investigators and they're quite promising. They're prepared for the gospel, that's for sure! I've been doing great and Namibia is doing well. Namibia is truly wonderful! I'm sad because I will be leaving this coming transfer but it's part of life... 

I'll tell you this, God loves his servants. Having been here for so long I've seen some slow times and sad but I've also seen some wonderful times. This week has been a blessing for the work that's taken place and for the people I've met. I hope you all recognize the Lord's hand in your lives. He truly does love us and truly is our Father.

Have a great week and don't worry, more will come next week!

- Elder Burgess

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