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Monday, May 8, 2017

Tonight's menu: Mopani worms

Hello dear friends and family,

I hope your week was grand. My was pretty plain... in other words, this won't be that long.

The week has been alright. Not the greatest with appointments, just a lot of rescheduling but it happens. We did however have Nanal accept a baptismal date for the 1st of July!! Do you remember Nanal? We've been working with her for a while, she's our Branch President's daughter. Well I was super excited!! It was a good weekend though. The members, of various branches, wanted to feed all the missionaries, so I had dinner Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a few people sending us with food for the road... life is pretty nice.

A nice adventure is I finally ate Mopani worms!!! People have been telling me my whole mission that they'd cook some for me but they've never come through. But yesterday, Sister Povanhu made some!! They were chewy at first but not a great after taste. I ate them though!! 

But yeah, as I said, not a very eventful week... For your information, still no cars, but I know we're close. Walking isn't that bad. I have no room to complain. People walk the whole two years so I'm good.

Have a great week! love ya'll!
- Elder Burgess

If you look closely at the black portion on the plate, you'll see Mopani worms.

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